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Customizing Word Bullet Points Confirugation In Microsoft Word

customize Word bullet points

Is anything but difficult to make a bulleted list in Word. Select the rundown and snap Bullets in the Paragraph gathering. It couldn’t be less complex. The default slug character is sufficiently bland to be satisfactory for most reports, yet you may need something more unmistakable or creative. At the point when this is the situation, basically change the shot character for a particular rundown.

To start with, you’d enter the rundown and configuration it as you ordinarily would:

  1. Enter the rundown things, squeezing Enter between every one.
  2. Select the whole rundown.
  3. Snap Bullets in the Paragraph gathering.


With the bulleted list flawless, you’re prepared to alter the shot character, as takes after:

  1. Right-click anyplace inside the rundown.
  2. From the subsequent submenu, feature Bullets, and afterward pick Define New Bullets. In Word 2003, pick Bullets and Numbering.
  3. In the subsequent discourse, you can pick three courses for redoing the slug character: Symbol, Picture, and Font.
  4. To embed an image, click Symbol.
  5. In the subsequent discourse, pick a fitting textual style and image character. For example, change the Font to Wingdings and after that select the precious stone.
  6. Snap OK twice.




This course functions admirably, to a point. Notice that it doesn’t refresh the sub-things. There’s very little you can do about that, so you’ll most likely need to restrain this procedure to straightforward records – those without sub-things.

Clicking Picture gives access to various clasp craftsmanship characters, however you can likewise import a photo document utilizing this course. Just snap Import and select the photo document. The outcomes won’t generally be useable, however don’t be reluctant to test. Clicking Font gives you a chance to change just the shot character’s text style.

It’s anything but difficult to alter a visual cue. Doing as such can regularly deliver a more expert or innovative archive.

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